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ANAS show night I am still reeling from the most fun I have ever had! I was just on the website looking for a way to signup for next year's festivities; pictures, comments, etc, etc.....O.K., so I'm a Sagittarian with Impatience rising!!! But oh, I can't wait for my next "fix". I am definitely a bellydance cruise junkie. This weekend was a revelation, an inspiration, and a total bliss out. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to seeing you next year Malika - 2005
I had a wonderful time with everyone. It is such a success this cruise! I do not take all the classes, but I so enjoy watching and learning. Next year I made up my mind....I WILL DANCE and see what happens! Lots of love to you for organizing this wonderful trip every year. Jackie H., San Francisco, CA 2005
You'll have a blast! Not only will you meet bellydancers from all over, but you'll have endless workshop opportunities and a chance to dance on stage with LIVE MUSIC from LIGHT RAIN and REDA DARWISH! WOO HOO!-- Kitana - 2004


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