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The Music of "Light Rain" ...


Doug Adams of Light Rain

Doug is the composer of most of the Light Rain repertoire. He became immersed in music from the age of nine. Multi-talented, playing several instruments including the guitar, violin and flute (recorder, a wooden version), he continues to mesmerize audiences with his powerful performances straight from the heart.  Click here to listen or purchase the music of Doug and Light Rain


Dream Dancer Dark Fire Valentine to Eden Dream suite Gypsy Belly Dancer
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The musicians of Light Rain are considered pioneers of the engaging and powerful music which has come to be known as "World Beat". At the heart of this music beats clearly, Doug Adamz, composer and musician extraordinaire.


Light Rain is a collaboration of talent.

Russ Gauthier is the composer of 'Rabekin' from the Light Rain album Dream Dancer. Rabekin was one of the Light Rain tunes discovered by the Joffrey Ballet and used in their continuing performances. Also, you will hear this as a featured piece in Robert Altman's film about the Joffrey Ballet, 'The Company'. Russ is an exceptional musician in his own right, playing the mandolin and banjo. The mandolin adds sparkle and a high, melodious sound to the Light Rain music.

Joining Doug and Russ on this cruise is Reda Darwish. Anyone familiar with Middle Eastern music
knows Reda is synonymous with this genre. Reda, being Egyptian, comes with the ancient ties and heart of the music. His performance is only out-shined by his completely engaging smile, expressing his joy and passion for his work. The sound of the drums is an integral part of the music. The drum is the rhythm and presents a powerful foundation for the dance.


My name is Bill Amatneek.
I've played string bass and 5-string banjo in folk, bluegrass, and jazz groups most of my life. Maybe you've heard me on albums with Peter Rowan and the Rowan Brothers, Mark O'Connor, the David Grisman Quintet, Darol Anger, Kate Wolf or the Chambers Brothers.




Light Rain with it's diversity, originality and completely unique sound will mesmerize and delight you. It is guaranteed that you will not be able to stay in your seat. Light Rain calls you to dance! Let the gypsy soul in you answer to the sounds as this music weaves it's way in your heart and soul.



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