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Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez
Through a series of fortuitous events, Ashley happened upon a belly dance class taught by Ishara Gamal at the University of Illinois.  Hopelessly enchanted right at the get-go, she proceeded to take classes and workshops as often as possible. Her most influential instructors include Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Rachel Brice, and Jill Parker.  Her dance background also includes training in Tahitian and Hula, Latin dances, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Flamenco.

Since 2003, Ashley has been active as a registered yoga teacher and certified Pilates and fitness instructor.  She began teaching basic belly dance classes in 2005.  A year later she formed the Tribal Fusion troupe Trikhala in Champaign, Illinois.  After relocating to the Bay Area, she joined SF Hula as a polynesian dancer and then formed her award-winning professional troupe, Orchid Belly Dance.  The Orchids perform all over the Bay Area and beyond.

Currently Ashley resides in Portland, Oregon with her cat, Sir Arthur Mowzalott.  She teaches and performs at events throughout the year.  In the past she has appeared as a guest soloist and belly dance choreographer for the Mona Sampath Dance Co., has appeared on the cover of The Belly Dance Chronicles, and has been interviewed by Illinois TV news channels WCIA and WILL.  Ashley holds a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance/opera from the University of Illinois School of Music and has performed with Opera San José and BASOTI in San Francisco.

Although dance, music, yoga and Pilates are her primary obsessions, she also has an insatiable appetite for fiction, foreign language, and unobtainable fast cars

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