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Mahalia has performed, taught, produced, and directed for twenty-seven years in various theatrical productions and dance performances. She served on the board of directors at Garden Grove Theater and has assisted with productions at the Long Beach Playhouse and Westminister Community Theater.


Bellydance Beginnings.
Mahalia found bellydance at the Renaissance faire 7 years ago and fell instantly in love immediately seeking out her first lessons in this art form. Finding that there were no teachers in her area offering the style she fell in love with she studied with local teachers offering different types of bellydance and traveled extensively to attend workshops and study with master teachers to learn the various forms of tribal style.


The fostering of Knowledge.
Knowing there must be other local dancers having to travel to learn this unique tribal style she made a commitment to bring master teachers to Southern California to teach other dancers that also wanted to learn and didn't have a place to go. So began the longest running all tribal style event in Southern California, Gettin Hip With Tribal which has been going strong for four years now and happens the last weekend in January every year.


Tribal Fusion, African Tribal Fusion, Folkloric, American Tribal Style and Stage Presence. Mahalia teaches classe in Long Beach, CA. She specializes in building a solid foundation in technique, creativity, confidence and style with flavor. Ongoing Mixed level Belly Dance classes with emphasis on: AFRICAN TRIBAL FUSION w/Choreography, FOLKLORIC, AMERICAN TRIBAL STYLE, STAGE PRESENCE, and PROPS.

In addition to the weekly class she regularly teaches workshops in henna artistry, stage presence and tribal-fusion. Mahalia has taught on the Arabian Nights at Sea cruise for the past 4 years, 2 years at Tribal Fest and many other events.




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